Disaster Recovery DRaaS Overview

DRaaS to VMsources Secure CloudDisaster Recovery as a Service DRaaS is a combination of Service Levels designed to offer comprehensive protection for your Organization through any concievable event. VMsources can have your entire IT infrastructure protected in less than a week!  Give us a call and we'll schedule you right away! 

  1. Onsite Incrimental Backup facilitates fast administrative restores
  2. Offsite Backup protects your data outside your Organizational Active Directory and keeps it safe from Ransomware
  3. DRaaS Replication provides a ready-to-power-on Replica VM of all your mission-critical systems, which keeps Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as low as possible

Our DRaaS Secure Cloud is designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of Business Continuity attainable anywhere, and with one important goal: to protect your data. From best-of-breed servers to fully redundant infrastructure, VMsources SecureCloud provides effective, verifiable Disaster Recovery solutions customized to suit our clients specific needs, including our famous Concierge Service at no extra charge.

Network Bubble

One of the most important aspects of VMsources' Disaster Recovery is our ability to exactly replicate your entire production network. Our disaster recovery plans allow you to run all of your protected servers and desktops as they are, without changing IP addresses relative to one and other.

  • VMsources VPN appliance insures efficient and secure transmission of data over any internet connection.
  • VMsources has disk-based solutions with FedEX – no bandwidth required!
  • VMsources partners directly with Veeam so we can utilize their replication technology which features inline compression and deduplication so you get faster R.T.O. and reduced bandwidth consumption!

With all of the resources we already have in place, and all of the processes we have licensed and mastered; we could literally, seed the data today [2] and by tomorrow night you would have a White Glove Disaster Recovery plan in place!

Here’s how Disaster Recovery works:

  1. We will create a Guaranteed TCO quote for your DRaaS Protection.
  2. We create a secure IPsec VPN connection from your location to our datacenter.
  3. VMsources Business Continuity specialists work with your Admins to Seed of all of your Organizations mission-critical systems to our Secure Cloud.
  4. We establish scheduled replication with Veeam Backup and Replication.
  5. We create a DR Plan, customized to your Organization and provide comprehensive training on how to run or test your DR plan.
  6. We help you test your DR plan, and provide documentation of the successful test.
  7. In the event of an actual disaster, your protected Servers/VMs/Computers will power up relative to one and other, just as they are set up to be – no IP reconfiguration on the servers themselves!
  8. VMsources can help you update your public DNS, or we can help you automate the process of updating DNS in the event of a disaster.

Technical Advantages 

  • 10 Gigabit Port on a dedicated fiber loopVMsources DRaaS Cloud 
    • 100% optical connection to the Internet Backbone
    • 42 ms. Intra-USA latency (Guaranteed by Cogent SLA)
    • 99.9995% Uptime
  • Unique, isolated and firewalled network(s)
    • Port forwarding configured & tested in advance

Geographic Advantages

  • Nationwide Compute and DRaaS nodes.
  • Tier 4 Datacenter
  • 100% Facility SLA

Service Advantages

  • VMsources will create the VPN (equivalent to MPLS) and guarantee latency/throughput
  • We will assist with initial replication – “seeding”
  • VMsources will monitor/maintain DR side of the house