Migrate from Legacy Hardware
Avoid the risks associated with running on End-of-life Systems or Severs
Migrate from legacy hardware and Servers to our vCPP VMware Cloud.
Cloud readiness report and fully-managed "no-hassle" migration included.
Service for VMware and Hyper-V
For over 10 years, we've been a trusted VMware vSphere provider.
Now, VMsources is offering full Hyper-V service as well!
Call today to schedule a free 45-point environment health check.
Achieve DRaaS to the Cloud
Achieve complete DRaaS protection in as little as 48-hours
for all your VMware and Hyper-V workloads. DR Planning, Seeding, and testing included!
Call today and speak with a certified DRaaS consultant.
Half the Cost of the Big Cloud
Our VMware vCloud is about half the cost of the Big Cloud.
We offer a guaranteed TCO for the life of your service,
and there are no overages or surcharges ever
Repatriate Your Workloads
When the actual cost of the Big Cloud comes in MUCH HIGHER than anticipated.
Migrate to the VMware vCloud and enjoy a guaranteed TCO
with no overages or surcharges ever!
Roadmap to the Cloud
Few organizations actually prepare or receive
a true Roadmap to the Cloud before beginning a migration.

As a result, Big Clouds end up costing
hundreds of percent more than anticipated.
Free Ransomware Risk Calculator
This quiz should be viewed as a form of informal self-audit
of IT security and protections against Ransomware,
as well as the ability to recover successfully from an incident.
Intelligent Security
Does your Organization have an adequate Security Event Plan?
Are you proactively preventing and responding to attacks?

VMsources Intelligent Security Suite is the solution for you!
No Overages or Surcharges
Know exactly what your Cloud is going to cost under any circumstances!
With our guaranteed TCO,
you'll never see any surcharges for Compute, Network, Storage, or Backup.
Cloud Design for Security
Put security first in an elastic and highly-available VMware vCloud.
Designed from the ground up to create security
through rigorous adherence to standards and principals.
Free 33-point Health Check
Get a free health checkup for your VMware or Hyper-V environment.
We'll give you a comprehensive report of any findings including
suggestions for improvement. Let your admins do the work or call VMsources!
Five Nines - Guaranteed!
VMsources' entire portfolio, including VMware vCloud has had
99.999% availability since 2016.
The Big Cloud promises availability, we deliver availability.
Our VMware vCloud is about half the cost of the Big Cloud and we'll guarantee TCO.
Call today: 866-644-7764
Our VMware vCloud is about half the cost of the Big Cloud and we'll guarantee TCO.
Call today:
VMsources VMware vCloud offers blazing performance and built-in Disaster Recovery. We'll guarantee your 36-month Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and at about half the cost of the Big Cloud!
Before you undertake any VMware or Hyper-V project, call VMsources. We'll help you save tens of thousands of dollars with just one call. Consultants available now to work remotely or on-site at your facility.
VMsources is a full-service Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) provider offering a full range of managed and customer-installed solutions for VMware and Hyper-V. environments.
VMsources has consultants standing by to help you with all your general IT needs, from Active Directory to Exchange and Office 365. THere's no job too big or too small, let VMsources be your IT Department today!