VMsources is a primary solutions architect providing VMware design and installation for firms of all sizes.

At VMsources, we place the customers’ needs first at all phases of a VMware vSphere project, from concept to completion.

Many vendors use unqualified salespeople to initiate a project. These are not the same people who will come to your location and help you fulfill your goals. In fact, the salespeople many vendors use are not even technically qualified on the products they are representing.

At VMsources, the person you initially speak to will, most likely, be your primary consultant throughout your project. That’s because VMsources does not use salespeople. Rather, each one of our consultants is fully-qualified VMware vSphere consultant with VCP certification. When you contact VMsources about a project, you will speak directly to a consultant, and that individual will assist you in flushing out your initial concept and then selecting hardware, storage, vSphere licensing, and even come to your location and take care of the installation.


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