Affordable Business Cloud for SMB (5-50 employees)

The Challenge:

Business with 5-50 employees need real Information Technology services for their growing needs. Unfortunately, costs are often prohibitive or talent unavailable and needs go unmet. As a result, businesses often suffer issues ranging from Ransomware and lost data to functionality issues.

The Symptoms:

  • Lost data due to lack of an automated backup solution (3-2-1 Compliant)
  • Difficulty with shared files
  • Problematic remote access
  • Slow or no support
  • Users sharing accounts and passwords

The Solution:

VMsources Business Cloud is a focused solution where we bundle all of your applications (Office, QuickBooks, etc.) together on a multi-user Windows computer running in our 100% USA Dedicated Cloud. By doing this, not only are we able to provide support, but solve all of the typical issues faced by businesses on a day-to-day basis:

Standard features:

  • Scheduled 3-2-1 backups for 30 days
  • Working and reliable fileshare
  • Remote (VPN) access
  • Support with a team you know and trust
  • Install your business management applications such as QuickBooks
  • Fully managed Cloud firewall
  • Active Directory authentication (one account per user)

Optional features:

  • MFA Authentication
  • Managed enterprise firewall for your office(s)
  • Full managed VoIP solutions
  • Antivirus of your choice
  • o365 Email and/or Office Applications
  • Extra RAM, CPU, Disk

How does it work?

We build a separate Business Cloud for each customer with all of the resources and applications you need. Then we create a VPN tunnel to your office(s), so that when your users sit down at their workstations, it will be as if everything is right in the office!

If you are working from home or a remote office, no problem, we’ll provide you with a dedicated and secure VPN (remote connection) and as soon as you connect, you will have full access, not only to your applications hosted in the Business Cloud, but to devices like printers in your office.

Because we are hosting your Business Cloud on VMsources vCloud, we can guarantee that backups are performed on schedule, and your systems are working properly all of the time.

The Cost:

Business Cloud starts at $200/mo. plus $10.00/mo. per user.




Business Cloud (small)


16 GB RAM, 4 CPU, 200 GB Disk, Managed Cloud firewall, 30 days backup.

Business Cloud (medium)


24 GB RAM, 6 CPU, 400 GB Disk, Managed Cloud firewall, 30 days backup.

Business Cloud (large)


32 GB RAM, 8 CPU, 800 GB Disk, Managed Cloud firewall, 30 days backup.

Each user


Microsoft Remote Access license (per user)

o365 Email


Microsoft o365 Email only including: Outlook (per user)

o365 Suite


Microsoft o365 Suite including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (per user)



Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) with DUO (per user), $400 one-time setup

Managed firewall


Managed enterprise firewall for your office to replace home-grade router (Linksys/Netgear type)

The Result:

You get peace of mind that your data is safe and protected, plus you get the functionality you need from your systems.