VMsources Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a serviceVMsources vCloud® is pure high-performance Cloud Computing, providing the security your orginization requires, while retaining the flexability you need. Only VMsources will give you a guaranteed 36-month Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and best of all it's about half the cost of Amazon and the other Big Clouds!
  • VMware vCloud for Security
    • In a single-tenant VMware vCloud, you get true Private Cloud security.
    • Never worry about malicious workloads on the same hardware as your data.
    • Managed Enterprise firewall with intrusion-detection and dynamic blocklist
  • VMware vCloud for Cost
    • About half the cost of Amazon and other Big Clouds with a guaranteed TCO!
    • Compare for yourself at: https://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html
    • Fixed and guaranteed 36-month TCO (No Big Cloud will do that for you).
    • Control the ever-increasing cost of IT.
  • VMware vCloud for Management
    • We provide a Strategic Roadmap to the vCloud
    • We'll manage your orginizations migration to the vCloud, with little to no downtime.
    • We'll provide unlimited support
    • We offer the best SLA in Cloud Computing!
No matter if your orginization needs to migrate from on-premesis IT, or repatriate out-of-control workloads from the Big Cloud, take back control of your data and systems in the VMsources VMware vCloud.

VMware vCloud® is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc.