VMsources Desktop In The Cloud

A Better Solution, the VDI in the VMware vCloud

VMsources has spare capacity for thousands of VDI sessions right now in our VMware vCloud. Moreover, with a simple VPN between a dedicated and secure enterprise LAN in the VMware Cloud and your Enterprise LAN, your users will be connecting to remote resources using 1Gb Backbone Fiber!

Using VMware Horizon View in the VMware Cloud you gain the advantages of best-of-breed VDI technology, better bandwidth, and no more VPNs with security issues!

  • Connect from any device
  • Use VMware Blast high performance display protocol
  • Deploy individual desktops with Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience or Windows 10
    • Any number of vCPUs and any amount of RAM Possible
  • Highly admin controllable for security
  • No user VPN required for connection
  • Printer and scanner localization
  • Can deliver your existing Terminal Server with improved display protocol, reduced bandwidth and better connection portal.

Remote Access Realities After Coronavirus

Given the realities of the world today, your existing remote access solution may not be up to the task of supporting your entire workforce from home! Various issues are occurring with traditional remote access solutions as you are forced to accommodate your entire workforce!

Bandwidth and Capacity

Often times the issue is as simple as not having enough bandwidth to support your entire workforce connecting remotely. And if bandwidth is not the issue, you may not have enough Compute resource in your Data Center, and new servers are weeks or more away!

VPN Access

Enterprise VPN access has always been regarded as highly secure. Problem is, what does a VPN secure? In reality, a VPN only secures the tunnel between your users’ remote network and your enterprise network, while making the remote network a routed part of your enterprise for the duration of the connection! The same home network where your employees’ son/husband are browsing questionable websites; the same home network where your wife has just joined a subscription mailing list that is actually a phishing site for Ransomware.

  • Enterprise VPNs secure the tunnel, not the remote network
  • Enterprise VPNs inherently “route” the remote network to your enterprise network with very little filtering.
  • Enterprise VPN clients are sometimes complicated to install/use
  • Enterprise VPNs may not scale to your entire workforce!
  • Enterprise VPNs are the most bandwidth-hungry of the remote access solutions

Microsoft Terminal Services

Terminal servers provide an adequate platform for task workers and no more. Nobody chooses to use a Terminal Server desktop over an individual desktop, they do so because it is the only way in. Moreover, since it is a shared session, if someone else crashes the server, you lose unsaved work and have to reconnect!

  • Poor graphics delivery (striping, slow refresh)
  • Supporting your entire workforce may exceed existing bandwidth at your location
  • Many known RDP vulnerabilities
  • Copy & Paste often does not work
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