In order to better prepare to deploy CVVC™, VMsources needs to provide the following simple information for the end-user. The beauty of the VMsources CVVC™ installation is encapsulation. Unlike many vSphere deployments which become invasive, the VMsources CVVC™ design internalizes management requiring the fewest number of IP address and no dependency on Microsoft or Active Directory at all.

Not only does the VMsources CVVC™ unit install quickly (plug-and-play) but it reduces end-user costs as well!

Minimum Site Requirements

Foot Print Pre-Configured 42U Rack (optional 24U/48U rack)
Weight 750 Lbs.
Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (240VAC preferred)
Power Consumption 6000W (max)
Temperature (Op) 5⁰ to 40⁰ C
Humidity (Op) 10% - 90%
Maximum Vibration (Op) 5Hz - 500Hz, 0.21 Grms flat spectrum
Maximum Shock (Op) 5 Gs for 10ms

Power requirements:

  • Client must supply (2) NEMA L6-30R (240VAC) female receptacles located within 8’ (1.5M) of the top or bottom of the rack.

Environmental requirements:

  • Servers must be cooled to manufacturer-specified temperatures at all times.

Internet Requirements:

  • The VMsources HC™ Installation is a pre-configured rack, 100% Plug-and-Play ready-to-go with, or without internet.
  • Units are fully-patched as of ship date

Network Connection requirements:

  • Network connections to existing networks should be through CAT5 or better quality cables.
  • Up to 24 networks (48 total Ports available) on the vHC™ switches for customer connection (2 Ports per configured network/VLAN, due to redundancy requirements)
  • VMsources HC™ requires a single IP address on a designated network to access the VMware vSphere Management Network