VMsources Tailors Custom Solutions to our Clients' Needs

VMsources aims to put your needs first. We’re here to provide your business straight answers to tough questions and save you money. The products we offer are both better performing, and more agile, than other installations on the market. We’re here to cater to your virtualization needs and craft the solution that is best suited to your specific design.

Simplify desktop and application management while increasing security and control with VMware View. End users enjoy more productivity and freedom to access desktops from more devices and locations while enjoying IT greater policy control.

  • Reduce costs, Maximize IT Efficiency, reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Minimize potential lost revenue due to downtime, outages and failures
  • Increase application availability
  • Control, automate and enforce service-level agreements, availability, security and scalability
  • Empower Your IT Department with Choice, on demand applications and business services

Products you Need

We offer premium packages that are custom solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Each package we offer comes with a unique set of data storage solutions. End-users will experience higher levels of productivity with freedom to access desktops from multiple devices at any location, and IT will enjoy greater policy control.
The products we offer are both better performing and more agile than other installations offered. We make securing your infrastructure easy and will ensure custom solutions that will work for you.

We have partnered with VMware, Cybernetics, and Veeam Software to provide clients “Best of Breed” products because that’s what the modern datacenter requires; the best. By leveraging the power of these incredible vendors, VMsources creates the cutting edge solutions you require.
Our Infrastructure in a Box (IiaB) design offers the client a totally pre-configured “plug and play” VMware cluster, complete with servers, SAN, and switches that can be installed in a data center in a matter of minutes. With several available options, finding an IiaB solution that fits your needs is, quite simply put, easy.