Off to Mexico we go!

We recently took a call from a longtime client who was experiencing issues with an older Dot Hill SAN located in Querétaro, Mexico. While the SAN was under current support from Quantum, it turns out that OEM support was days away, at best, due to the international border.

As it turns out, we had an identical spare controller in stock at our Flagstaff datacenter. We actually keep quite a few Dot Hill spare parts in stock, both because of the change from Dot Hill branding to Quantum, and to be able to guarantee delivery.

Because the SAN was running on just one controller (of two normally redundant controllers), the customer decided it was better to have a VMsources consultant deliver the spare part in person, than wait for Quantum to dispatch the parts across the international border.

Arranging the travel (next-day) was a bit of a trick: the consultant (John Borhek) was on location elsewhere in the USA, finishing up a job and the part was at our datacenter in Flagstaff.

At the same time as John was flying back to Phoenix on his original itinerary, another VMsources employee (Elizabeth Salazar, LATAM) was driving from Flagstaff to Phoenix (about two hours) with the part in-hand. She met John at the airport, handed off the part, and John flew on to Dallas.

The next morning, on-site in Querétaro, we were able to replace the controller, enjoy a nice dinner, and head back to the home office the next day!