With most providers, Four Nines is the goal and you only achieve real remediation at Two Nines (AKA: 99% or 1.68 hours downtime) and that only if you apply for service credits and you document the outages to the satisfaction of the provider!.

VMsources offers an unparalleled SLA which is more client-centric than any other SLA offered by a Cloud Compute provider, including the Big Cloud!

VMsources sets our standards higher for your vCloud Compute and DRaaS workloads: Five nines is our goal, and you will receive automatic remediation credit for your next month billing cycle for any availability less than that!

Availability %   Downtime per month Remediation/Credit
below 99.9%   greater than 43.83 minutes 100% of monthly charges
99.9% Three nines 43.83 minutes 50% of monthly charges
99.95%   21.92 minutes 25% of monthly charges
99.99% Four nines 4.38 minutes 10% of monthly charges
99.999% Five nines 26.30 seconds Goal

VMsources vCloud SLA applies to (scope) outages related to cloud infrastructure including Compute, Storage and Network components of your vCloud. Reasonable maintenance to be performed during mutually-agreed upon maintenance windows and outside of production hours, will not be factored into downtime calculations and will not result in remediation.

Downtime that is the result of client-initiated Change Management, where that Change Management request was correctly implemented by VMsources will not be factored into Downtime.

Services provided by vendors outside the scope of the vCloud SLA, such as ISP and Hosting facility, are covered directly by those vendors SLA, and remediation/credit will be provided as a direct pass-through from the vendor where and when justified.

VMsources bills in advance for vCloud, and any remediation/credit due will be automatically applied to the next months invoice. If you think that you are due remediation/credit for outages that are on your invoice, please call for an adjustment.