Andrew Schaeffer has an extensive background in business administration and finance. Beginning in 2007, Andrew became increasingly involved with Information Technology, eventually focusing exclusively on datacenter Virtualization and Cloud Computing with VMware.

Andrew has worked with, quite literally, hundreds of clients from all different areas of Infrastructure Virtualization. Andrew’s breadth of knowledge comes not only from his extensive experience, but also his insight into human nature. On completion, clients often site Andrew’s “personal touch” as the difference between him and other consultants.

Today, Andrew is the President and Business Manager of VMsources Group Inc., as well as maintaining an active role as consultant and solutions architect within the company. Andrew holds many VMware-specific certifications and competencies including the VMware Certified Professional (VCP).

Recently Andrew has assumed the role of managing VMsources Cloud for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Andrew personally spearheads all client relationships from beginning to end to ensure client satisfaction. Andrew is also one of a select team of technical response personnel who see to it that any and all Disaster Recovery Failover or testing go smoothly.

  • You can speak directly to Andres at: 215-764-6442 X1002
  • Email Andrew at:

Andrew Presently holds the following VMware Certifications:

  • VCP3, VCP4, VCP5 #55037
  • VSP
  • VTSP