Real World VMware Training

At VMsources, we’ve specifically designed our VMware training around real world scenarios to give you all the knowledge you’ll need to install and use VMware vSphere® and VMware® Horizon View™.  We're not trying to replace VCP-Track training, but rather supplement it with techniques and Best Practices that will serve you every day of your career.

Starting with a fresh server for each student, our classes focus on Best Practices and the use of the most commonly licensed features like VMware vSphere® High Availability (HA), vMotion®, and Distributed Resource Scheduler™ (DRS), while explicitly leaving out the “adware” component from other providers.


  • Real world examples from working consultants keep students informed.
  • Call or email us today and speak directly to an instructor. No salespeople here!
  • Materials based on procedures VMsources consultants use every day!
  • Students work on real servers and a genuine enterprise SAN.

Most other VMware classes only allow participants to connect to and manage servers (like ESXi and vCenter) which are already installed. These labs, by their very nature, limit the participants to a very narrow scope; performing a few scripted operations on highly-restrictive servers.

We don’t believe you will learn as much in connecting to pre-configured servers (like ESXi and vCenter) and then performing a few operations. We believe you have the right to build, and use, all of the required servers on your own dedicated resources! These will be your servers for the term of class; use them how you like!

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