VMware Consulting

VMsources VMware consulting is a client-facing prime VMware contractor for jobs of all sizes and scale. We always act as the client’s advocate at every stage of the process to make sure that you get the VMware environment that you really need. Call us now and ask for our reference list, to see how pleased our clients actually are!

VMsources VMware Consulting Advantages


1. VMsources will provide an accurate total budget for your project

Altogether too many jobs are quoted, leaving out critical (but expensive) items to sugar-coat the budget and close the deal! As an IT Director or Project Manager, the last thing you want is to have to go back and ask for more money!

VMware Consulting at work

When you engage VMsources as your VMware contractor/consultant, we’ll make sure you understand the true cost for a turn-key deployment of VMware vSphere by evaluating all of the quotes you have received from the vendors of your choice and making sure nothing was “forgotten.”

  • vSphere Licensing
    • Choose the right VMware vSphere edition for your enterprise
  • Servers and peripherals (10Gb NICs?)
    • Server support contracts
  • SAN cost validation
    • SAN Support contracts
  • Network switches (are you upgrading to an SSD or 10Gb SAN?)
    • Transceivers and/or DAC cables

2. VMsources will right-size the vSphere Cluster and Edition

Far too often, vSphere projects are sold with an inappropriate vSphere license for the customer needs. Either a customer ends up with features they cannot use, or the customer ends up lacking features necessary for mission-critical workloads.

The reality is a VMware vSphere cluster is capable of supporting anywhere from a few VMs to several hundred VMs, depending on how it’s provisioned and what vSphere Edition you choose! Moreover three–host clusters provides value-added pricing for VMware vSphere licenses:

  • VMware vSphere Essentials Plus
    • Up to 40 VMs in a cluster
    • Rapid growth not anticipated
  • VMware vSphere Standard Edition
    • Up to 40 VMs in a cluster
    • Growth anticipated
  • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus
    • More than 40 VMs in a cluster

3. VMsources will design for scalability and ROI

When spec’ing sever and SAN hardware, you can go with a pre-configured server model, or specify all the hardware line-by-line!

Pre-configured models tend to be fully-populated with RAM. For example, if you specify 192GB RAM per host, the pre-configured model will have all 24 DIMM sockets populated with 8GB DIMMS, leaving no room for growth! Moreover, some vendors of hyperconverged architectures have been known to ship with CPU’s that are generations behind the current standard.

VMsources will specify all the hardware you need with a Visio Diagram so you can go to the vendor of your choice.

  • We’ll make sure to specify the latest-generation CPUs so your system will remain on the VMware HCL for the longest time
  • We’ll specify larger DIMMs, making it possible to increase RAM without throwing anything away
  • We’ll make sure there are expansion sockets for 10Gb network or additional NICs

4. VMsources provides highly-disciplined builds

When VMsources installs, upgrades, or refreshes a cluster, we make sure everything is right! From fully-labeled color-coded networking, to a Visio Diagram and Rack Elevation, everything is right the first time!

  • Color-coded cables
  • Full labeling and cable-map
  • Installation backed-up on file
  • Duplicate installation media (a full backup of each ESXi Host) attached inside server case
  • Best-Practice vSphere techniques

5. VMsources provides full runbook documentation for every environment

Documentation can be a sticky-point with any job.  VMsources believes in commissioning every project with comprehensive documentation covering every inventory item and configuration. We call this a run-book and it can range from 30 to well over a hundred pages! Run-book documentation is not intended to replace vendor documentation or training; the run-book is a record of every setting, connection, address, and username that is unique to your installation!

6. You choose the billing model

VMsources will either quote one labor cost for your entire project, or bill you time and materials.

The advantage to one labor cost is that it can be budgeted and approved in advance. VMsources will create a Statement of Work for your review, then we do everything on the SOW, no matter how many hours it takes!  Plus, we never go over budget and ask for more money!

Time and materials works best for projects of an open-ended nature. We keep the price down by flying lowest-cost coach to your site, renting economy cars (or using public transportation in major metropolitan areas) and billing M&IE according the GSA website, so you will know in advance!

7. Knowledgeable VCP Certified consultants on every job

We put our best talent front-and-center on every job! There are no slick “project managers” interfacing between you and your consultant/systems architect! Our VCP Certified Consultants have a minimum of 10-years’ experience with VMware vSphere deployments and will act as your primary point-of-contact throughout the lifespan of the project.  

8. Knowledge-transfer is part of every job

One thing we hear over and over again is:

 “The consultants were in and out in three days, and we have no idea what they did!”

At VMsources, we recognize that knowledge-transfer is part of every job. We don’t mind you looking over our shoulder while we work, and we will be happy to answer questions and demonstrate procedures at the same time!

VMsources is committed to Total Quality Management, and the better you know the system we deploy for you, the more customer satisfaction we can achieve!