IT supportVMsources Support is intended to provide an additional level of protection over and above OEM support, as well as providing Managed Services to assist organizations in managing and maintaining their VMware based IT departments. Above, beyond and faster than traditional OEM, our support will keep your systems running!

  • VMware vSphere
  • Horizon View
  • AD (Active Directory)
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Windows
  • Linux
    • Fedora
      • RHEL
      • CentOS
    • SUSE
    • Debian
      • Ubuntu

Limitations of OEM Support

Calls to OEM support are usually answered by a call-manager and often routed offshore. Frequently, the call manager will need to schedule a callback from an OEM call center, possibly hours later! Can you afford to have systems offline for hours at a time and then get a call from a low-level worker in a call center? Furthermore, most vendors are simply not willing to categorize day-to-day management tasks such as creating a new VM as “support”.

Advantages of VMsources Support

VMsources Support calls are answered directly by a VMware VCP certified support specialist who will provide stop-gap support for your VMware based IT needs, plus help with day-to-day vSphere management. We provide:

  • 8 by 5 dial-in support
  • 24 by 7 on-call support including nights/weekends and holidays
  • Help with vSphere Management
    • Support with day-to-day operations
    • Includes ESXi and vCenter configurations and management
    • Support with day-to-day operations
    • Includes creating VM’s, vMotion, Clones and Templates
  • vSphere Software testing and Validation
    • We install and test vSphere patches and release versions prior to recommending installation on production systems
    • Avoid critical bugs, like the CBT issue in vSphere 6
  • Scheduled Upgrades between vSphere versions
  • vSphere Software patching and maintenance
    • We track your currently installed vCenter and ESXi build and install patches when available
    • Includes ESXi and vCenter
    • Includes command-line patching from offline bundles for isolated environments

How do I get VMsources Support?

It’s as simple as dialing a phone!

  • Call our main number: 215-764-6442 –or- 1-866-644-7764
  • Choose Option 5.
  • Enter your support password. My VMsources Support Password is:________________________
  • This will put you into a support queue that rings all of the on-call Frontline Support representatives.
  • If we’re not able to take your call in 5 minutes, leave a voicemail and we will call you back within our guaranteed response time

Service Levels

  Standard Complete Enhanced On-Site
Business Hours,  1-hour callback YES YES YES
Business Hours,  4-hour callback YES
Nights/Weekends/Holidays, 8-hour callback YES YES
VMsources vSphere Software Validation® YES YES YES YES
Scheduled upgrades of vSphere YES YES
Scheduled upgrades of Veeam YES YES
Scheduled upgrades of Horizon View YES YES
vSphere Software patching and maintenance YES YES
Help with vSphere Management YES YES YES YES
Support with day-to-day operations YES YES YES YES
Quarterly on-site maintenance[i] YES
Hours included per month 2.5 5 10 10
Cost per month $350.00/mo. $700.00/mo. $1,400.00/mo. $1,750/mo.

Service Level Agreement

Frontline Support scope includes the following products: VMware vSphere (including all licensed features, VMware ESXi, vCenter Server) VMware Horizon View, Veeam, VMware-based IT.

Support is provided only with a current agreement in-place. VMsources will no longer be able to provide on-call support for companies/organizations with which we do not have an agreement.

Because support is logged, support requests must go through provided dial-in and/or ticketing system. Calls to individual’s personal/cell phones will not be accepted.

Basic, Normal, and Enhanced support contracts include off-site remote support only.

On-Site contracts include one scheduled site-visit per quarter in the 48-contiguous states, up to the total hours included. Other locations may vary by the cost of travel and will be quoted at the time of contract.

[i] 4 site-visits per calendar year, scheduled no less than two weeks in advance