VMware vSphere

Get the best price on VMware!

We've partnered with VMware to bring you the best values in VMware vSphere®If you call us first, we guarantee*  the lowest prices available anywhere!

Unfortunately it's often hard to tell what combination of vSphere licensing and support best fits your organizations needs. Our mission is to act as the client's advocate at every stage of the process. No matter if you are getting your vSphere  through VMsources or another vendor, be sure to call us first to right-size your vSphere entitlement and Server purchase.

Pre-purchase consultations with a Certified VMware VCP® Consultant are available free of charge and with no obligation. Well help you to determine:

  • What Edition of vSphere best suits your use case
  • If your organization can benefit from one of VMware's value-add vSphere Kits
  • How many physical hosts,  CPUs and how much RAM you actually need
  • How to optimize VM density to achieve the best performance and licensing value
  • What type of support contract suits your organizations needs

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