Offsite Replication

Offsite Replication is a form of DRaaS in which the live state of your Virtual Machines is transferred to VMsources Private Cloud, ready for immediate power-on in the event of a disaster or other event that renders the primary VM offline. The main advantage of replication is that your VMs are available for immediate power-on, and full recovery can be achieved in a few minutes to a few hours!

  • Replicate¬†VMware, Hyper-V and Nutanix VMs
  • Keep up to 30 Restore points
  • Replication Point Objective as low as 5 minutes
  • Maintain your existing network settings (no re-IP required!) in a full failover (the entire environment)
  • Partial failover available (one or several VMs)
  • Fully-managed statefull Layer 3 Firewall
  • SSD Storage tier available on failover
  • Run-ready replication can be combined with Offsite Backup for the most comprehensive DRaaS protection available anywhere!
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