VMsources Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a serviceMigrate from legacy servers and IT Infrastructure to your own VMware Cloud with Compute Nodes on the East and West Coast. Only VMsources will give you a guaranteed 36-month Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and best of all it's about half the cost of Amazon and the other Big Clouds!
  • True single-tenant VMware Cloud
    • You get the security you require in a true VMware Cloud
    • Never worry about malicious workloads (AKA: Spectre and Meltdown) running on the same LAN as your most sensitive data.
    • You can have as much or as little control as you want with full admin access to vCenter granted on request
  • About half the cost of Amazon and other Big Clouds
  • Fully Managed VMware Cloud
    • Strategic Readmap to the Cloud provided in advance
    • Fully-managed migration. Our VCP Cloud consultants will manage the migration process every step of the way
    • We’ll make sure updates and security patches are applied based on policy
  • Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) included at no additional cost
    • True vSAN Stretch-Cluster architecture across CoreSite Datacenters provides for automatic, hands-off DIsaster Recovery in the event of a facility failue or catastrophy.
    • DRaaS with vSAN migrates IP addresses, networks and workloads automatically
    • It's just like having Availability Zones included
Get out of the hardware business once and for all by moving to ‘The Cloud’ and never have to worry about servers, security, internet, power, or upgrades ever again! If your cluster is aging and you are considering hardware refresh, you may want to consider moving to one of our dedicated clusters.

‘The Cloud’ has become a buzzword for executives and investors alike. Our VMware Cloud is truly Private Cloud Computing in every sense. Migrating to one of our Dedicated Clusters can satisfy auditors, managers and investors, without sacrificing one iota of control or compromising security!