Partnering with Townsend Security, VMsources is pleased to now offer Key management!

The VMware platform provides a number of security protections including network segmentation, monitoring, backup and recovery, and much more. Encryption of your VMs and vSAN directories is the “last mile” of your security protection. As your managed service provider we help you achieve the best possible security. Encryption of your VMs and vSAN directories is core to your protection and can act as a unified encryption strategy for all your databases/applications.

There are a lot of reasons to implement encryption:
• Meet compliance requirements like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), GDPR, HIPAA, PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and many other regulations.
Key Management• Reduce your legal liability for a data loss that impacts your customers and employees.
• Protect your reputation as a company that cares about the privacy of your customers and employees.
• Protect your business plans and intellectual property. Cybercriminals and bad state actors can decimate your business strategy through the loss of these secrets.

What are the benefits?
As your managed service provider, we are uniquely positioned to help you with encryption. Encryption requires the right protection of encryption keys, and we can provide you with key management technology that is certified by VMware to protect your VMs and vSAN directories. We partner with Townsend Security, a proven key management vendor with proven and reliable technology. Once we deploy encryption you will feel safer and more secure knowing that you are doing everything you can to protect your organization and your stakeholders - and we can do this in an extremely affordable way!

What are the risks?
We purchase insurance on our homes to protect us from rare but catastrophic events. The loss of a home can be the loss of the largest financial asset many of us will have. In a similar way the loss of our business data can threaten the existence of our companies and our organizations. Encryption helps reduce the risk of that loss and helps us sleep better. No one who has experienced a data breach ever regretted encrypting their sensitive data.

How to start
As your managed service provider we stand ready to configure and deploy encryption of your virtual machines and sensitive data in vSAN directories. It is easy, fast, and affordable. We'll do this in a way that protects your investment in systems, and provide real time failover in the event there is a network outage or hardware failure. Just talk to us and we’ll get on the job!

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