Intelligent Security by VMsources

Ransomware and Data Exfiltration are reaching epic proportions!   Every day we learn of some new attack.  Is your Organization vulnerable?

Or have you actively protected your infrastructure and educated your Users to maintain Best Practices?

The fact is no solution is foolproof if we leave the back door wide open.   Did you know that nearly all ransomware attacks could have been prevented if Organizations
had simply followed basic security guidelines?

 VMsources offers a comprehensive approach to security, incliuding our gold standard TPR Methodology:
  • Training:  We provide support to your entire Organization and educate your Users in the Best Practices for Modern Security
  • Prevention:  We help and guide you in order to harden your entire infrastructure without adding complexity
  • Remediation:  We provision DRaaS and other backup/restore resources to ensure you are up and running during any security challenge
Use the form below or give us a call to discuss how we can help your Organization ensure your networks are always available, always protected, and NEVER HELD FOR RANSOM.

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