VMsources health checkOur certified consultants will take a look at your systems for free and offer recomendations as to what improvements can be made.
Have your IT team make the improvements internally or engage VMsources to make the changes.
Either way, things are likely to work much better.

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  1. OS / Hyperisor Installation
  2. Time / NTP
  3. DNS
  4. Authentication
  5. SSH and SSH Policy
  6. Networking
  7. Test Jumbo Frames
  8. Local Directly-Attached Storage
  9. SAN Storage
  10. NAS Storage
  11. Hyperconverged Storage
  12. Path Selection Policy (PSP)
  13. Roles, Privileges and permissions
  14. VMware vCenter SSO Password Policy
  15. VMware VCSA root password policy
  16. VMware VCSA Partitions
  17. Update Status
  18. VMware Tools
  19. Certificate status
  20. Cluster Configuration
  21. VMware vSphere HA / System Center VM Failover
  22. VMware vSPhere vMotion / System Center VM Migration
  23. VMware vSphere DRS / System Center Automatic Load Balancing
  24. Virtual Machine Affinity
  25. VMkernel Configuration
  26. Ping Matrix
  27. Informal Network Pennetration Test
  28. Clusters / VMware FT Configuration
  29. Management Network Seperation
  30. VM Startup order
  31. vAPPS
  32. Update Manager
  33. Software and update sources

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