VMware Training Horizon View 7.X ***GUARANTEED TO RUN!!***


Date(s) - 11/17/2020 - 11/20/2020
10:00 am - 4:45 pm


The problem with most VMware Horizon View classes is that they present Horizon View as if it were a standalone product. VMware
Horizon View is not and cannot run as a standalone product!

Only our VMware Horizon View 7 WITH VMware vSphere 7.X class teaches students everything they need to know to install and
use VMware Horizon View including the required integrations with VMware vSphere.

Our VMware Horizon View 7 WITH VMware vSphere 7.X class offers participants the most extensive training available in the real world
Installation, Configuration and Management of VMware® Horizon View™ 7. Each participant will work hands-on with real
servers to build and administrate their own complete VMware® Horizon View™ 7 environment from the ground up.

The primary reason that our class offers participants a more comprehensive experience than other classes is that each student gets
to install and configure a complete VMware® vSphere™ 7.X environment designed specifically to support Virtual Desktops. While
other providers cover Virtual Desktops as an isolated topic; we believe that an understanding of the infrastructure (VMware vSphere
6) provides participants with an invaluable insight into the functionality of their VMware® Horizon View™ 7 environment!

    • What type of vCenter to use (VCSA or Windows)
    • Where to locate components
    • vSphere Optimizations for Horizon View

Once the infrastructure has been provisioned, participants install VMware® Horizon View™ 7 and begin the process of learning how
to maximize their administrative efficiency while managing VMware® Horizon View™ 7 environments while maintaining the highest
levels of Virtual Desktop security. During class we focus on real-world Virtual Desktop deployment scenarios using the available GUI
tools; the vSphere Client, vCenter Server, and the VMware View Manager.

Our VMware® Horizon View™ 7 Virtual Desktop Deployment follows true Cloud Practice in deploying Infrastructure as a Service
(IaaS). Because we provision completely separate resources for each participant, everybody gets unique firewall rules, and
everybody gets to connect separately to his/her Virtual Desktop environment from the internet, when it is complete!

The VMware® Horizon View™ 7 Virtual Desktop Deployment class features over 50 hands-on Step-By-Step Labs (SBS LAB™),
complete with detailed instructions, full-color documentation and screenshots of all steps. Over 60% of class time is spent doing
labs! The book alone is sure to become one of the most valued reference materials in your library!