Enterprise SAN and Hyperconverged Storage

Why bother with auto-tiering when you could have a full on SSD SAN? "Why would I want a full SSD SAN", you ask? SSDs are the way of the future. As the world speeds up, your business can't afford to be left behind with slow spinning disks. The lightning fast ability and accessibility offered by SSD is what your business needs to maintain that most competitive of edges. Legacy auto-tiering SANs from companies like EMC, 3Par, and Compellent can't compare to an All Flash array. Cybernetics SANs from VMsources are affordable All Flash storage solutions which are 100% customizable! VMsources will pinpoint the performance, connectivity, and the usable capacity you need for initial implementation, while considering future growth projections.  Whether you need an All-Flash array, Hybrid (SSD mixed with spinning disk), or spinning disk-based SANs for bulk capacity, they can accommodate any request!

Cybernetics SANs are scalable to over a Petabyte of storage within a single configuration.  Epic, right? With their Dynamic Expansion feature, you can add in drives to your existing RAID set any time down the road (or start a new RAID set, perhaps with a different drive type), with no interruption of service.  Since the controllers are hot-swappable, you can upgrade the appliance itself to a larger, more robust model, non-disruptively.  This eliminates the costs and time dedicated to a new SAN purchase or a data migration, when all you need is more processing power in the SAN itself.

Cybernetics also has no cap on annual renewals and you can start with as many years of support as requested.  Technical Support is available for the lifetime of the unit, regardless of current support coverage.