Q: How quickly can VMsources protect my environment?

A: In just a few days.

Q: What’s the 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

 A: The 3-2-1 Backup Rule requires three (3) copies of your data on two (2) devices with at least one (1) copy offsite.

Q: How does VMsources implement the3-2-1 Backup Rule?

A: We create a local Backup job with 30-daily restore points then we create an offsite Backup Copy with retention for 3-months, 4-quarters, and as many years as you would like. We create a Replication job, with an hourly Replication Point Objective (R.P.O.)

Three (3) copies are:

  • The local Backup, the offsite Backup, and the Replica.
  • Two (2) devices are the local backup repository and the offsite backup repository.
  • The one (1) copy offsite is either the Replica VM or the offsite Backup.

Q: How will my customers/auditors know that I am in compliance with the 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

A: VMsources will provide a certificate annually (or on request) confirming compliance and the compliance period. See example below.

Q: If I Backup Physical PCs and Servers, can I restore them as a VM in the event of a disaster?

A: Yes. You can restore them to an operational instance on VMsources or any other cloud hosting service!

Q: Can I do Offsite Backup only, but convert my offsite backups to working VMs on your systems in the event of a disaster?

A: Yes, but the restores may take some time to complete, so it’s not recommended for low Recovery Time Objective (R.T.O.) scenarios. Also, with Offsite Backup, compute resources pre provisioned on-demand and may not be available at the exact moment you need them.

Q: What advantages does VMsources provide over the Big Cloud like Azure or AWS?

A: Primarily personalized service. For example: if you fail your domain controllers over, they will come up in Active Directory Restore Mode, no matter what; this is default behavior. If you use the Big Cloud, you are on your own to get Active Directory up; if you use VMsources, we will help you every step of the way – and even work on your behalf in an emergency when you can’t be online!

Q: How many VLANs/Networks/DMZs can I have?

A: We place no limit on that. Additional VLANs/Networks/DMZs are provided at no cost.

Q: How many public IP addresses do I get?

A: We’ll assign 1 Public IP per 10 VMs. You will know in advance what your public IP’s will be and they won’t change for the life of your contract. More IPs are available by advance arrangement or as-needed.

Q: Can I provide and manage my own Firewall / Layer 3 for DR?

A: Yes! We’ll rack your Customer Provided Equipment (CPE) for DR at no extra cost! This allows you the complete ability to manage NAT / Security / Client VPN during failover