Desktop In The Cloud



In today’s competitive market, productivity continuity is essential to ensure your success.  Is your existing remote access solution up to the task for connecting your entire workforce remotely?

VMsources is your premier solutions provider for all your Desktop In The Cloud needs.  With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) you can connect on any device, anywhere.

Whether your remote access goals are temporary as a result of workplace redeployment (ie., Coronovirus) or you need a more robust permanent solution,  with VMware Horizon View in the VMware Cloud, our team can provide you the instant advantages of Best-of-Breed VDI Technology, including better bandwidth and no more VPNs with security issues.

VMsources has unlimited capacity for thousands of VDI sessions, or whatever your needs, no matter how large or small.  With our VMware Cloud Provider Program we rapidly create a simple and perfect VPN between a dedicated and enterprise LAN in the VMware Cloud and your Enterprise.

And best of all your users will be connecting to remote resources using Backbone Fiber. Guaranteed!

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