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Important information from VMsources

Important information from VMsources


‍Secure Cloud and Business Continuity

Friday, 23 February 2024 ‍‍


Hello John,


We've got a bunch of new stuff to cover in this newsletter.


Most importantly are the Critical VMware updates; exploits have been seen in the wild, so patch your VMware products as soon as conceivably possible.


The single best way to protect your Organization from Ransomware and other disasters is with Offsite Backups to a Secure Cloud. Increasingly, Insurance providers and underwriters are also requiring verification/certification of your Offsite Backups. VMsources is now providing a Certificate of Compliance for all Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery services that we provide.


I'd also like to highlight the fact we have an entirely new website! We have focused our mission and made everything more readable. This was a team effort, but please let me know personally how you like it:


Other important topics we cover this month are (contents):

  1. Who are we?
  2. Our Team
  3. Critical VMware updates
  4. Offsite Backups protect your Organization from Ransomware
  5. Intelligent Security: Training, Prevention, Recovery (TPR) - Whitepaper
  6. VMware Best PracticesWhitepaper
  7. Offline Backup as a Service (OBaaS)


Our intent is not to spam users, but rather to provide useful information, and then let you decide to apply that information yourself, go to a competitor, or if VMsources can partner with your Organization to provide Cloud, Business Continuity, or Infrastructure Services. If you don't want to receive future newsletters, simply: Unsubscribe




John Borhek

CEO, Lead Solutions Architect

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About VMsources

Secure Cloud

Migrate your workloads to our Secure Cloud and run VMware natively.

Business Continuity

Protect your Organization from Ransomware, Disasters and Cyber Attacks.


Rely on our VMware Consulting Team for straight answers to tough questions.

Guaranteed TCO

 At VMsources we offer the only Guaranteed TCO Plan in the entire industry, no matter if you are migrating to our Secure Cloud or looking for Business Continuity.  Others may claim to offer understandable and transparent pricing--but we GUARANTEE IT!


We are a dedicated team of mission-focused USA-based individuals who never lose sight of the customers goals.

John Borhek

I am pleased to bring high-level Technical Guidance to the top of an organizational structure as CEO of VMsources Group, Inc. There are many who "talk the talk," I am proud to say that I also "walk the walk"

Dave Uihlein

Dave is the CTO and a Solutions Architect at VMsources, specializing in Cloud Computing, IT Management, Infrastructure Design, and Disaster Recovery. He brings over thirty years of IT and computer experience to the company.

Sean McMahan

Sean delivers success you can measure at the bottom line. At the end of the day, the success he shares is the profound satisfaction achieved when all the players take ownership and agree on what works. Then all great outcomes transform from possible to actual.

Critical VMware Updates

In Q1 2022, VMware released critical updates for almost its entire suite of products including VMware vSphere, Horizon View, and more. If you are running VMware vSphere, NOW is the time to update your environment to secure against the Apache log4j vulnerability and more.



VMsources can patch, update and upgrade your VMware environment for you as a Managed Service. We can usually schedule one of our VCP Certified consultants within a week of your engagement.

Offsite Backups protect your Organization from Ransomware


The unfortunate reality most of us deal with is the fact that it's not IF, but rather WHEN your Organization is going to be hit with RansomwareToday, the threshold for success is not just simply looking out for threats, but being able to recover rapidly when things do happen!


One of the best ways you can protect your Organization from Ransomware and Cyber Attacks is to have a solid and tested offsite backup plan which follows the "3-2-1 Backup Rule."


VMsources Offsite Backups can provide your Organization the following advantages:

  1. Secure Cloud Offsite Backups with Immutable Repositories
  2. Fail-over directly to our Secure Cloud in the event of a Cyber Attack, Ransomware or Disaster
  3. Restore directly to your own environment with assistance from the VMsources Team
  4. Keep long-term GFS backups for auditing and archival purposes
  5. We include Backup and Disaster Recovery Compliance Certificate for proof-of-compliance and Insurance requirements



Backup Certificate of Compliance Included


Our Offsite Backups are simple, affordable and fully-managed:

Item: MRC Unit
Veeam Backup and Replication (SaaS) $10.00 Per VM/Workload
Immutable Repository (0-10 TB) $60.00 TB
Immutable Repository (11-250 TB) $50.00 TB
Immutable Repository (251-500 TB) $40.00 TB
Immutable Repository (501-1000 TB) $30.00 TB


Intelligent Security

We specialize in helping Organizations prepare for, combat and recover from Ransomware and Cyber Attacks. One of the most important things to remember is that no one approach to security will make you successful.


It is only with a multi-faceted approach to security that that you can ensure Business Continuity for your Organization. We have developed our own approach to security which we call TPR (Training, Prevention, Remediation)


  • Train your Organization to recognize and avoid Ransomware
  • Prevent issues before they happen, utilizing active technologies to stop hackers
  • Remediate and recover quickly when events do happen

VMware vSphere Best Practices

It is often said that there are many "wrong" ways to do things in VMware vSphere, but only one "right" way. We prefer to think about things in terms of Best Practices, and have created a list of 46 DO's and 8 DO NOT's.


As always, we believe putting the information directly in your hands is the best policy. If you would like to engage VMsources for a complimentary health check, simply call one of our VCP Certified Consultants and we'll schedule an appointment.

True Offline Backup as a Service (OBaaS)

VMsources is introducing the world’s first Offline Backup as a Service (OBaaS), offering your Organization total protection against Malware while completely eliminating the possibility of Insider Threats. For the ultimate in Data Protection, nothing beats VMsources OBaaS, fully compliant with Veeam’s own 3-2-1-1-0 Rule!


Risks of current offline backups:

While many vendors and providers allude to the possibility of “virtual offline” backups using connected devices and Big-Cloud systems (think: Virtual Tape Library -or- S3 Immutable Bucket), what happens if the device or vendor itself gets hacked? The reality is: once a Threat Actor gains root, account, or device access, it’s all over!

Let’s also consider internally-managed offline backups, such as a true tape library. While these offline backups have traditionally been considered the “gold standard,” they cannot be considered to be truly safe from Insider Threats. Moreover, what happens if the device or system fails or is not maintained on schedule?


VMsources OBaaS Solution:

VMsources OBaaS solution is safe, secure, effective, auditable, and reportable because we have designed it using our motto: “Simplicity is elegance.” 

We created OBaaS using enterprise commodity software (Veeam Backup and Replication) targeting rotated media, which is then stored in a secure, audited facility. VMsources OBaaS provides the ultimate in protection and security by actually removing the media after a backup/restore cycle and placing it in a secure location.


Here’s how it works:

  1. We start with a secure backup to one of our audited Data Center facilities – SV4 or VA1.
  2. We assign dedicated removable media to your Organization with sufficient capacity to store the Offline Backups.
  3. We configure a Veeam Backup and Replication job targeting your Organizations dedicated rotated media.
  4. An independent (certified) and auditable contractor rotates the media on a schedule of your choosing.


Why choose VMsources to perform Offline Backups?

  1.  It is a true Offline Backup, rendering your data safe from Malware and other forms of security breach.
  2. It is a true Offsite Backup on separate media, providing an essential part of the 3-2-1-1-0 Backup Rule.
  3. It is managed within a secure, audited facility by independent contractors, rendering your data safe from Insider Threats and maintenance oversights.


VMsources goes one step beyond, by not only removing the process from your internal staff but ours as well! We contract exclusively with CoreSite as a completely independent service (with supervision and accountability) to perform the rotation of media, so you can be assured of secure, offline backups!