In 2009, Andrew and John joined forces and formed VMsources Group, Inc. to run a Virtualization and Cloud Computing practice where the clients’ needs always came first. They shared a firm belief in putting their best talent, themselves, front and center at every client location. In fact, Andrew and John created their mission statement with this very goal in mind.

Infrastructure design, hosting and managed services for VMware

VMsources is a primary solutions architect providing infrastructure design, hosting, and managed services for VMware environments of all sizes. At VMsources, we place the customers’ needs first at all phases of a VMware vSphere project, from concept to completion. We’re here to help provide your business with the straight answers it needs to the tough questions about virtualization. VMsources has Service Levels available to meet every need from Capacity Planning and Needs Analysis to comprehensive Install & Configure and long-term Management Solutions. VMsources acts as your advocate at every step of the process, often saving vast sums of money while realizing both better-performing and more agile VMware vSphere installations!

We’re a fully-authorized VMware Partner and Professional Solution Provider with access to the latest information and training you need. Consultants go above and beyond to maintain professional associations and partnerships with industry leaders to offer clients the best tools as your VMware Contractor and Solution provider.