L1 Terminal Fault Vulnerability AKA Foreshadow

Here we go again: The L1 Terminal Fault Vulnerability AKA “Foreshadow” was announced by Intel last week, and this has potentially greater impact on Public Cloud (Amazon, Azure, Google) users than any of the previously exposed vulnerabilities. What it is: At its most simple, Foreshadow allows the possibility that one VM (malicious) can read the…
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Preparing for Disaster

I was in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. The path of the storm was clear, and the outcome largely pre-determined. Because the company I work for (VMsources) has many clients in Manhattan, it was decided that the best place for me, were disaster to strike, was right in Manhattan. (more…)
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Off to Mexico we go!

We recently took a call from a longtime client who was experiencing issues with an older Dot Hill SAN located in Querétaro, Mexico. While the SAN was under current support from Quantum, it turns out that OEM support was days away, at best, due to the international border. As it turns out, we had an identical…
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