VMsources Travel Policy

Client Pays Travel

VMsources consultants will travel to your location as affordably as possible, using lowest-cost common carrier airlines and moderate business class hotels. Often, it is cheaper to send VMsources on the road than send a staff-member, simply because you won't have to account for lost time!

  • Single-airline economy (fare code: K) round-trip from FLG or PHL to your location - receipt provided
  • Economy rental car at actual cost - receipt provided
  • Per Diem including: meals, lodging and incidental expenses at stipulated cost - no receipts

Fixed-cost travel

In order to make budgetary estimates possible, and to facilitate per-job cost accounting, VMsources will provide a fixed-cost all-inclusive price for travel on request. Our fixed-cost travel will not vary up or down unless you request a specific change (like a longer engagement) and includes:

  • Airline transportation
  • Rental Car (or ground transportation)
  • Hotel, meals and incidental expenses