Several years ago, I took a real-world VMware training class from VMsources and the techniques and Best Practices really stuck with me! On completion of the class, I felt I had a comprehensive understanding of how VMware actually works.

Recently, work sent me to a VMware training class by the Other Guys and, on completion, I actually felt more confused and like I knew less about vSphere than before I started!

If there is a choice, take VMsources real-world VMware Trainig!

Roberto Velasco, Solutions Architect,

When we failed over to our DR site due to Hurricane Sandy, we discovered that none of our VMs could connect to the network at our self-hosted DR site. VMsources stayed up long into the night and helped provision a "Bubble" network so our VMs could function properly through the disaster.

We have subsiquently switched to VMsources DRaaS service and never have to worry about DR networking again!

Barry Alterman, IT Director

VMsources had a consultant in the area and was able to be on-site within a day of my call! We were having a problem getting vSAN up and running, that the VMsources consultant was able to diagnose to network configuration almost immediately. The project was a success thanks to VMsources.

Al Clark, National Virtualization and Infrastructure Engineer

After a severe storm caused both of our fiber ISP lines to fail, I was able to bring mission-critical VMs back online at VMsources DRaaS within minutes of running a DR Failover Plan. I have no doubt that the success of my Failover depends directly on the Private Cloud nature of the resources VMsources has pre-provisioned for ICS!


Mr. Eric Herbel, C.I.O