Mission Statement

VMsources Mission StatementVMsources is a primary solutions architect providing infrastructure design, hosting and managed services for VMware environments of all sizes. At VMsources, we place the customers’ needs first at all phases of a VMware vSphere project from concept to completion.

Many vendors use unqualified salespeople to initiate a project. These are not the same people who will come to your location and help you fulfill your goals. In fact, the salespeople many vendors use are not even technically qualified on the products they are representing.

While vendor-designed solutions usually satisfy the basic requirements you set forth, the goal of the vendor is to make the sale, not look out for your best interests. Put quite simply, vendors want to sell you whatever hardware generates the highest profit and as many licenses as they can get away with.

VMsources recognizes the inherent conflict of interest in being both hardware vendor and systems designer/architect. In seeking straight answers to common questions, let’s face it: Dell, HP, and IBM are not your friends! You wouldn't go to a car dealer with a budget in mind and ask “what kind of a car do I need?” So why should you approach a vendor, and expect them to design a virtualization solution which is optimal for your environment?

It is VMsources mission to act as the client's advocate at every stage of the virtualization process; from design, through installation and configuration, to post-install support.

VMsources is here to help provide your business with the straight answers that it needs to tough questions about virtualization. We have Service Levels available to meet every need from Capacity Planning and Needs Analysis to comprehensive Install & Configure and long-term Management Solutions. VMsources acts as your advocate at every step of the process, often saving vast sums of money while realizing both better-performing and more agile VMware vSphere installations!

Because VMsources is a fully-authorized VMware Partner and Professional Solution Provider, we have access to all the latest information and training about VMware vSphere. We use only VMware Certified Professional (VCP) consultants on all of our jobs and go to great lengths to maintain professional associations and partnerships with industry leaders so that we have all of the best tools we need to be your VMware Contractor and Solution Provider!


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Call VMsources today and let’s talk about your virtualization needs. Let us help you start realizing the advantages of virtualization today, with an agile and affordable VMware vSphere solution designed with only your needs in mind!